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Steel Water Tanks

Tank Shop’s Steel Water Tanks have a deep corrugated look on extra wide sheets, which provide you with a traditional Australian outback tank style. Made from BlueScope’s AQUAPLATE® steel, a modern steel designed specifically for holding drinking water, our steel tanks can store rainwater from 500 to 27,320 litres.

  • Up to 23 Modern COLORBOND® Colours to choose from
  • Made from BlueScope's AQUAPLATE® Steel, designed for water storage

  • Inner Stainless Steel Support Frame, prevents bowing and bulging
  • Lined Food-Grade Polymer (AS2070) and Safe for Drinking (AS4020)
  • Industry-Leading Warranty - 20 Years Corrosion, 10 Year Construction

Rainwater Tanks

500L Round Steel Tank

Our Price $800.00 Sale $775.00

Rainwater Tanks

750L Modline Steel Tank

Retails $1,020.00Our Price $990.00

Rainwater Tanks

1000L Modline Steel Tank

Retails $1,171.00Our Price $1,125.00

Rainwater Tanks

1000L Round Steel Tank

Retails $1,015.00Our Price $950.00 Sale $925.00
Retails $1,220.00Our Price $1,100.00

Rainwater Tanks

1500L Modline Steel Tank

Retails $1,404.00Our Price $1,350.00
Retails $1,408.00Our Price $1,350.00

Rainwater Tanks

2000L Modline Steel Tank

Retails $1,578.00Our Price $1,550.00

Rainwater Tanks

2000L Round Steel Tank

Retails $1,225.00Our Price $1,125.00 Sale $1,090.00
Retails $1,717.00Our Price $1,550.00
Retails $1,776.00Our Price $1,600.00
Retails $1,853.00Our Price $1,750.00

Rainwater Tanks

2500L Modline Steel Tank

Retails $1,803.00Our Price $1,725.00
Retails $1,773.00Our Price $1,650.00

Rainwater Tanks

3000L Modline Steel Tank

Retails $1,869.00Our Price $1,775.00

What is AQUAPLATE® Steel?

AQUAPLATE is a BlueScope steel specifically designed for use in rainwater tanks and storing drinking water. An inner poly layer is fabricated to a galvanised steel substrate, while the outer layer consists of a COLORBOND® or laminate coating.