After ordering your rainwater tank, you will generally have a few weeks to prepare for its arrival. You can ensure your tank is delivered and sited without issue by:

  • Preparing your tank base according to manufacturer base preparation instructions. Keep in mind if laying a concrete base that concrete mixes take up to 5 days to fully harden.
  • Organising time off work, or having someone present who can inspect your tank and sign-off on delivery. If no one is home, drivers will to unload your tank and leave it in a safe location at their discretion.
  • Clear pathway to your desired tank location making space to manoeuvre tank (approximately 100mm wider than tank). Factor in obstacles like air conditioning units, large gas canisters, meter boxes, downpipes, bushes and pot plants. Restrain dogs or other pets on day which may become trip hazards.
  • Cut back any overhanging branches which may otherwise scratch your tank as truck pulls into your driveway, or if your tank needs carrying past such on pathways.
  • Discuss in advance any possible difficulties. This includes narrow roads or driveways, dirt roads (which can muddy), powerlines or other obstacles.
  • Please understand: Trucks are 19 metres long with a fully loaded trailer! Logistics need to carefully plan out tank deliveries runs, so your tank very likely won’t be the only one loaded. Failure to inform manufacturer of possible issues that prevent delivery may incur a second delivery charge. Adequate planning is key and photos are welcome!
On Time Delivery: Manufacturers do their best to deliver on time and provide reasonable notice. In rare instances sometimes your tank delivery will need to be rescheduled due to unforeseeable events that arise. For this reason we do not recommend booking a plumber to connect your tank until after it has been successfully delivered.