The following professional values are the guiding beliefs and principles that influence our work and behaviour with customers and suppliers, which we continually strive to live up to:

  • Family Values as a family-owned “mum-and-pop” business, Tank Shop is naturally an extension of our family values. Families are of course diverse in many ways, yet many wholesome values are shared. Some we like to carry through into our professional dealings are being helpful, patient and kind, supportive, understanding, forgiving and accepting.
  • Commitment to Excellence we are committed to excellence in servicing our customers. As such, Tank Shop only desires to work with manufacturers and suppliers who demonstrate the same with their products.
  • Trustworthiness we aim to be honest in all our dealings and act with integrity whether in all our communication, whether providing advice, information or managing problems and difficult situations with care.
  • Transparency we cherish being open and transparent in our dealings with customers and suppliers with a focus upon matching customers to the right products for their needs.
  • Respectful, Considerate and Fair in our professional dealings we aim to treat everyone in a manner that is respectful, considerate and fair whether a customer or supplier.