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Tank Shop is an Aussie owned and family run online store dedicated to providing you with low prices on high-quality rainwater tanks, water pumps and  and rain harvesting products from trusted brands in the country. Our range of tanks include both poly tanks and steel tanks.

Featured Products

QTank Domestic Tanks

5000L “Mid” Water Tank

Retails $895.00Our Price $875.00

Slimline Poly Tanks

5000L Slimline Poly Water Tank

Retails $1,695.00Our Price $1,665.00

ClayTech Inox Series

ClayTech Inox Series 230A Pump

Retails $635.00Our Price $585.00

Tank Inlet Accessories

Maelstrom Filter System

Price $295.00 Sale $285.00

Round Steel Tanks

15000L Steel Water Tank

Retails $2,644.00Our Price $2,350.00
Save $50 on Delivery

Slimline Steel Tanks

5000L Slimline Steel Water Tank

Retails $2,720.00Our Price $1,975.00
Save $50 on Delivery