1. Australian Family Business: Tank Shop is Australian owned and managed, and run by a family who also happen to live in Australia.
  2. Mum-and-Pop Shop: Why deal with a large company who may not really care about you or your situation? At Tank Shop you will communicate and deal directly with Scott and Malessa (the owners and husband-wife duo raising four children). We have a vested interest in keeping you as our customer happy.
  3. Made to Order Tanks: the tanks we sell are queued into production to be made brand new in your desired colour, and with your required inlets and outlets before being delivered to your property. Rest assured your tank hasn’t been sitting out in some tank yard weathering away.
  4. Knowledgeable and Experienced: We have been in the tank industry for over a decade. Give us a call, we are more than happy to discuss your needs, help you figure out the best water tank solution and pass on our rainwater harvesting knowledge to you.
  5. We Look Out for You: Things can unfortunately go wrong with the tank manufacturer, whether they accidentally damage your tank or make the wrong one. Should this happen to you, then as your “tank broker” we will take it up personally with the manufacturer to ensure you receive the best resolution possible. Having our clout on your side gives them added incentive to do the right thing and more quickly resolve any issue.
  6. Greater Consumer Protection: Buying through Tank Shop rather than going direct to the manufacturer gives you greater protection as an Australian consumer if something goes wrong with your tank. You are free to either directly approach the tank manufacturer OR come straight back to us for a resolution. Of course, we’re more than willing to help where we can in rare instances where something goes wrong. Read our Customer Care Guarantee.
  7. High Customer Satisfaction: Read our customer feedback. We do all in our power to ensure the tank ordering process is easy, and everything is clearly and accurately communicated.