Wet-Dry Valve Kit (Rain Harvesting)

Rain Harvesting's Wet-Dry Valve (DRYV01) automatically drains your charged lines after it rains, which prevents problems with tannin leaching and anaerobic fermentation. Fits over 100mm pipe.

Price $75.00 GST incl.

  • Fits over 100mm pipe
  • Easily drain charged-lines (water-filled pipes)
  • Valve drain size allows for efficient draining and minimises clogging
  • The wet-dry valve’s electronic auto-release timer allows you to set the frequency at which your charged lines are drained
  • Transparent exit funnel allows for easy visual inspection
Need More Information? Download the Wet-Dry Valve Install and Specification Guide (PDF 295 KB).
FREE DELIVERY over $349 (applies to Rain Harvesting Accessories and Gutter Mesh)
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