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Rain Harvesting Accessories

Are pesky leaves getting into your downpipes? Is the initial downpour of dust-filled rainwater flowing straight into your tank? Algae starting to grow in your tank? Do you know your tank water level? Tank Shop provide a wide range of rain harvesting accessories to help you more easily harvest cleaner rainwater and more of it.

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Have rain harvesting accessories quickly delivered straight to your door at lower prices than you’ll find in stores and from tank manufacturers! How fast is delivery? Most orders are delivered within 2-3 working days.


Tank Inlet Accessories

Maelstrom Filter System

Price $295.00 Sale $285.00
Our Price $20.00
Our Price $13.00
Our Price $45.00

Tank Inlet Accessories

Kingspan High-Flow Filter

Our Price $200.00
Our Price $45.00
Our Price $14.00
Our Price $15.00
Our Price $20.00
Our Price $50.00