What is a Leaf Eater?

Leaf Eater Rain Heads

Leaf Eaters are a type of rain head used to filter contaminants out of the downpipes leading to your rainwater tank. These rain heads will not only filter leaves but also finer debris, mosquitoes/insects and other pests. This improves your water quality as well as prevents clogging/blockages in your rainwater pipework.

Rain Harvesting Rain Heads

“Leaf Eater™” is actually a trademarked brand name of rain heads (like Bandaids are bandages, and Biros are pens) from Rain Harvesting by Blue Mountain Co. This video explains their range.

At Tank Shop, we offer Rain Harvesting’s full range of rain heads – including the Leaf Eater, Leaf Beater and Leaf Catcha.

Leaf Eater Original

Leaf Eater Advanced

Leaf Eater Ultra / Slimline

Leaf Beaters

Leaf Catchas

Browse our range to find a rain head to suit your needs. If you have any questions, you can ask us a question using the form below.

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