Maelstrom Filter System (Rain Harvesting)

The Maelstrom (RHML01) by Blue Mountain Co, also known as Rain Harvesting, is an innovative pre-tank rainwater filter that combines super-fine filtration and super-high water catchment efficiency to give you cleaner rainwater and more of it.

Retails $342.00 Sale $309.00 GST incl.

  • Filters debris and removes suspended particles.
  • Keeps out pests (including mosquitoes) and sunlight (to prevent algae growth).
  • Easy installation – on tank-top, in-tank, wall-mounted or in a stormwater pit.
Need More Information? Download the manufacturer Maelstrom Filter Install and Specification Guide (PDF 737 KB).
FREE DELIVERY over $349 (applies to Rain Harvesting Accessories and Gutter Mesh)
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