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About Tank Shop

Tank Shop is an Australian family-run online store dedicated to selling high-quality water tanks from brands who are trustworthy and committed to providing excellent customer service.

While we sell water tanks, and there are many businesses who do this, Tank Shop is unique and different in the following ways:

  • Aussie Online Store  we are a family-run business, have no store fronts and fewer overheads. These cost savings are directly channeled to our customers. We want to make your shopping experience a quick, easy and enjoyable process.
  • Factory Direct Delivery  we have agreements with manufacturers who make and deliver tanks directly from their facilities to the customer’s doorstep.
  • Reliable and Trustworthy Partners  Our business model is built around partnering with reliable manufacturers who are commited to excellence in products and customer service. The tank industry is very competative. Sadly this means good businesses, who prefer to focus upon making a high quality product and delivering an excellent customer experience, often get drowned out by competitors who invest a whole lot into sales and marketing. It is here Tank Shop can help good tank manufacturers be noticed and sell more online. We are always looking to increase our reach in new locations, establish relationships with new partners who can enable us to sell great value products and packages without sacrificing quality.
  • Customer Satisfaction  It is hard knowing who to trust when buying a high-value product you want to last. This is especially true in the water tank industry where every brand pitches a similar message. Ensuring our customers have a smooth and pleasant experience from ordering a tank they can trust, to it being made, to delivery and then after-sales service is our primary concern.
  • Open, Honest and Transparent we desire to match good business products to customers in a manner that is open, honest and transparent. These are values we very much cherish and we desire to reflect these qualities in content found on our website, in our dealings with partners and in all our communication with customers.