EOFY Water Tank Sale
EOFY Tank Sale

About Tank Shop

Tank Shop is an Australian family-run business dedicated to selling high-quality water tanks, pumps and rain accessories from trustworthy brands and suppliers committed excellence.

Why You Should Choose Tank Shop

Tank Shop is unique and different in the following ways:

  • Aussie Online Store  we have no store fronts and fewer overheads. Cost savings are directly channelled to our customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction  every business says it, but your satisfaction IS our primary concern. As a family-run business we will do all in our power to ensure your experience with the manufacturer is quick, easy and smooth from order to delivery and beyond.
  • Direct from Factory  all tanks sold haven't been sitting on the floor collecting dust and scratches but made brand new and delivered direct from manufacturing facility.
  • Family Owned Business  you're dealing with a family owned and operated business. Literally, you are dealing with an Australian family who value each customer as persons.
  • Lower Prices  savings are passed onto you through our lower wholesale prices received.

Better Deals at Lower Prices

We are able to provide better deals, often with prices significantly lower than retail by:
  • focusing on the online market – not having a shopfront reduces our overheads allows savings to be directly passed onto you.
  • developing direct relationships with manufacturers – means we obtain lower prices than customers who would make a once-off purchase.
  • continually seeking to partner with new businesses who wish to sell more product – enables us to provide higher quality products and better value packages.
Find a better deal elsewere? Check out our Lowest Price Guarantee.

Our Values

  • Commitment to Excellence we are committed to excellence with products we promote and customer service. We see our business as an extension of our family, and those who we deal with as an extension of who we are, so only seek to partner with businesses who demonstrate our same values.
  • Family Values families are diverse in many ways, yet here are many wholesome values often shared. These include working hard working, caring and supportive, cooperativeness, grace and forgiveness, acceptance and understanding, and many other wholesome values. Tank Shop as a family-owned and operated desires to put these values into practice throughout all its business dealings.
  • Integrity, Honesty and Trustworthiness  we aim to be honest in all our dealings with partners and customers and act with integrity whether is in communicating, providing helpful advice, publishing information online or managing difficult situations with care.
  • Openness and Transparency we cherish being open and transparent in our dealings with customers and partners, and when matching customers to high-quality products at fair prices. Tank Shop is always open to establishing new relationships with like-minded partners across Australia.
  • Respectful, Considerate and Fair in all our dealings we aim to treat others in a manner that is respectful, considerate and fair, desiring to treat others in a way that we ourselves would like to be treated.

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