Poly Tanks

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Tank Shop sell poly water tanks from 1,500 litres up to 30,000 litres in round and slimline models. More poly tank brands across Australia will be added soon.

Poly tanks sold comply with the Australian standard AS/NZS 4766 and are strong and durable. The poly material used is sourced in Australia, safe to drink from (AS/NZS 4020), food-grade (AS/NZS 2070) and UV-stabilised to protect against the sun.

Get free tank delivery (save $66) throughout Greater Brisbane, South-East Queensland and the northern tip of NSW when you order through Tank Shop.


Retails $750.00Our Price $735.00
Retails $875.00Our Price $855.00
Retails $895.00Our Price $875.00
Retails $895.00Our Price $875.00
Retails $895.00Our Price $875.00
Retails $1,395.00Our Price $1,370.00
Retails $1,595.00Our Price $1,565.00
Retails $1,595.00Our Price $1,565.00
Retails $2,295.00Our Price $2,250.00
Retails $2,395.00Our Price $2,350.00
Retails $3,695.00Our Price $3,630.00
Retails $1,095.00Our Price $1,075.00