Rainwater Tanks

Tank Shop has teamed up with popular rainwater tank manufacturers in South-East Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria to offer you competitive deals on water tanks in Aquaplate (Colorbond), Stainless Steel and Poly. Unsure which rainwater tank is right for you? See below for differences between water tank materials.

Choose Water Tanks in Aquaplate (Colorbond), Stainless Steel or Poly

Aquaplate (Colorbond) Steel Water Tank Range

Kingspan steel tanks are known for their quality and are popular in South-East Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

Stainless Steel Water Tank Range

Stainless steel tanks (SS 304 & SS 316) are made and delivered from a leading manufacturing facility based in Geelong, Victoria.

Poly Water Tank Range

Poly water tanks are a cost-effective option available throughout South-East Queensland and northern NSW.

Choosing a Suitable Rainwater Tank

What is the Difference Between Aquaplate Steel, Stainless Steel and Poly Water Tanks?

Rainwater tanks are made in a range of material substances. Popular water tanks include Aquaplate Steel Tanks (Colorbond), Poly Tanks (polyethylene plastic) and Stainless Steel Tanks (SS 304 or SS 316), but which water tank material should you choose?

  • Poly water tanks: Many people opt for poly tanks as they are cheap, yet quite robust to impact damage. If your property is also located near the beach i.e., a salt marine environment, poly also won't rust. The downside to poly tanks are they are less flexible with their sizes and dimensions in that they can't be made to measure. They also tend to take up more space than steel tanks since they have thicker walls. Furthermore, if you do find a poly tank to fit, keep in mind poly tanks expand, contract and may even wrap over time according to outside temperatures. The Sun's UV rays also weakens the plastic over time, which will lose much of its elasticity and become brittle and powdery even with the best UV-stabaliser.
  • Aquaplate steel tanks: Also commonly referred to as Colorbond steel tanks. A main difference though is that Aquaplate steel sheets are fabricated by BlueScope with a thin food-grade poly layer on one side, which allows the steel tank to safely store rainwater. That said, Aquaplate rainwater tanks come in a range of Colorbond colours or a galvanised steel finish. One reason people choose a steel water tank is because they can be made to more exact dimensions. They can also store more water at a lesser footprint, since the walls are thinner. While Aquaplate steel tanks aren't good to place near the ocean, these tanks endure the Sun better and can be used for fire tanks. People often also tell us they prefer the look of a steel tank, and truth be told, they do look nice.
  • Stainless steel tanks: These are the most expensive tanks money can buy, but then they carry the highest legitimate warranty of 30 years. They are strong, can be made to size, are fully recyclable, and many like them because they are fully steel with no plastic walls.

    There are two main grades of stainless steel used in rainwater tanks:
    1. SS 304, which is the steel often used in kitchen sinks, and
    2. SS 316, which has significantly higher resistance to salty air.
    Which you select depends upon your distance from a coastline/salt marine environment. SS 304 is fine if greater than 10 km. SS 316 is highly recommended between 5-10 km away. We would only recommend SS 316 if within 5 km from the ocean.

Need Help Deciding Upon a Rainwater Tank?

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