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Slimline Water Tanks

Tank Shop’s Slimline Water Tanks are available in 2,500 litre (550 GAL), 3,000 litre (660 GAL) and 5,000 litre (1,100 GAL) sizes.

Slimline Poly Tanks

2500L Slimline Poly Water Tank

Retails $1,095.00Our Price $1,075.00

Slimline Poly Tanks

3000L Slimline Poly Water Tank

Retails $1,195.00Our Price $1,170.00

Slimline Poly Tanks

5000L Slimline Poly Water Tank

Retails $1,695.00Our Price $1,665.00
Retails $1,595.00Our Price $1,565.00
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