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Slimline Water Tanks

Tank Shop offer great deals on Slimline Water Tanks from two leading poly and steel tank manufacturers. Select from a range of slimline tank sizes from 500 litres (110 GAL) up to 8,000 litres (1,760 GAL).

Our Price $1,095.00 Sale $995.00 GST incl.
Our Price $1,195.00 Sale $1,095.00 GST incl.
Our Price $1,695.00 Sale $1,595.00 GST incl.
Our Price $1,595.00 Sale $1,495.00 GST incl.
Our Price $1,100.00 GST incl.
Retails $1,450.00Our Price $1,350.00 GST incl.
Retails $1,769.00Our Price $1,550.00 GST incl.
Retails $1,829.00Our Price $1,600.00 GST incl.
Retails $1,773.00Our Price $1,650.00 GST incl.
Retails $2,115.00Our Price $1,700.00 GST incl.
Retails $2,013.00Our Price $1,700.00 GST incl.
Retails $2,034.00Our Price $1,750.00 GST incl.
Retails $2,265.00Our Price $1,800.00 GST incl.
Retails $2,357.00Our Price $2,000.00 GST incl.
Retails $2,741.00Our Price $2,050.00 GST incl.
Retails $2,802.00Our Price $2,100.00 Sale $2,005.00 GST incl.
Retails $2,534.00Our Price $2,100.00 Sale $2,025.00 GST incl.
Retails $2,596.00Our Price $2,150.00 GST incl.
Retails $3,114.00Our Price $2,200.00 GST incl.
Retails $3,122.00Our Price $2,350.00 GST incl.
Retails $3,110.00Our Price $2,200.00 GST incl.