Slimline Water Tanks

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Tank Shop’s Slimline Water Tanks are available in 2,500 litre (550 GAL), 3,000 litre (660 GAL) and 5,000 litre (1,100 GAL) sizes.

Benefits of Buying Slimline Tanks via Tank Shop

  • FREE Tank Delivery to South-East Queensland and the northern NSW border (normally $66 via QTank).
  • Tanks Made Brand New to your specification and delivered direct from manufacturer within 2 weeks.
  • Upfront Honest Deals - no one likes receiving a special deal, only to discover it wasn't real. We don't hide our prices or "sales" behind request a quote forms.
  • You Pay Less, with our lower negotiated prices, than shops, tradies or going direct to the manufacturer.

Slimline Water Tanks

2500L Slimline Poly Water Tank

Retails $1,095.00Our Price $1,075.00
$975 with code 'SuperSaver'

Slimline Water Tanks

3000L Slimline Poly Water Tank

Retails $1,195.00Our Price $1,170.00
$1,065 with code 'SuperSaver'

Slimline Water Tanks

5000L Slimline Poly Water Tank

Retails $1,695.00Our Price $1,665.00
$1,540 with code 'SuperSaver'
Retails $1,595.00Our Price $1,565.00
$1,490 with code 'SuperSaver'