Sometimes we're asked, "Why do Tank Shop sell QTank?" In terms of product, no other poly manufacturer we know goes to such lengths with quality control and compliance to Australian standards for each and every tank. In terms of customer service, we have truly found them trustworthy, reliable and committed to excellence.

Australian Standards for Poly Tanks (AS/NZS 4766)

  • Q Tank tanks are independently certified by SAI Global. Many manufacturers claim they “comply” with AS/NZ 4766, however such claims are meaningless unless independently certified by an approved certifying body (see Q Tank AS/NZ 4766 Certificate).
  • Q Tank have ALL of their tank models certified. Some manufacturers cut corners by having one or two poly tank models certified. It is important to ensure the tank size and model you are purchasing is certified and that facility within the business manufacturing your tank has the certification.
  • Q Tank’s certification is current. Some manufacturers may have been certified in the past, however their certification has now expired. Some tanks may have been AS/NZ 4766 certified in the past, but it is important to continually pass audits so each tank remains certified.

Upfront 10 Year Tank Warranty

  • 10 year repair or replacement warranty  should your tank fail within 10 years, you’re guaranteed it’ll be repaired or replaced entirely for no added cost.
  • Longer warranties are often pro-rata – pro-rata warranties mean if you have had your tank for 5 years before failure, then you will be covered normally via repair or replacement up to the value of the warranty length minus those five years. Should you be told your tank needs replacement, you are locked into going with that same manufacturer again and paying the difference for a new tank unless you forfeit your warranty.
  • Brand names change business owners this can make long warranties next to worthless and can encourage decietful business practices. Many well-known tank brands have been around decades, but the business entities behind the names have changed. Your warranty is legally with the original business you bought from, meaning any new business owner can reject your warranty claim.  Q Tank have been around for as long as their warranty and aren’t about to disappear.

Excellent Customer Service

  • Q Tank investigate and resolve problems. Sometimes problems do arise. If you have a tank problem, we are fully confident that Q Tank will do their best to resolve the issue in a friendly and respectful manner, even if it ends up not being a tank issue. Some examples include:
    • water flowing out from the tank during downpours traced to a dirty outlet screen that required cleaning.
    • coming out to troubleshoot a mysterious tank leak only to discover a nearby underground pipe was the cause.
    • pump not appearing to work as no water was coming out from the tank, the issue simply being that the tank was empty.
  • Committed to industry excellence. Some businesses can tarnish an industry, while others bring an industry respect. We have seen manufacturers not honouring warranties for all sorts of reasons including change in ownership and spurious claims of bad tank installation. Q Tank really seem to go the extra mile and have even sold tanks at cost to customers whose tanks failed where the the warranty, often “at the descretion of manufacturer” reject a warranty claim for some bogus reason or another (know your rights as an Australian consumer).