QTank can ensures a smooth and positive tank delivery experience by managing their own drivers and fleet of trucks. Despite their often tight schedules, QTank drivers are friendly and aim to site your tank where their is clear access and instructions.

QTank Tank Delivery Zone

  • Delivery date will be arranged with manufacturer and you will receive SMS and/or email notification. If unsuitable, please advise ASAP and we'll reschedule.
  • Prior to delivery the pathway to your prepared tank base must be clear if you wish the tank to be sited. If your tank needs carrying over neighbouring properties, please seek owner permission.
  • The delivery driver will call approximately 30 minutes prior to delivery. If you work, then we recommend organising the day off.
  • Someone should be present on day who can sign-off and assist with siting the tank as necessary: One additional able-bodied person for tanks 1,000 to 12,000L, two additional able-bodied people for larger sized tanks).
  • Deliveries are performed by a driver who will endeavour to assist you in siting your tank. Please understand that obstructions and lack of onsite assistance may hinder tank siting.
  • If no one is present, the driver will either unload the tank and leave in a location they consider to be safe and secure within your property.