It is always better to buy a tank that lasts so you don't have the hassle of needing to claim on your warranty. Q Tank manufacture water tanks to precise standardsquality test each tank and include a 'Quality Test Report' upon delivery. It is unlikely your tank will fail, however should it, they proudly back their tanks with a 10 year "water tight" warranty.

To be specific, should your water tank fail within 10 years after its date of purchase, then it will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. The two main conditions are that:

  1. your tank must be installed according to the provided installation instructions, and
  2. your tank must be used for its intended purpose (e.g., storing rainwater).

Upfront 10 Year Warranty

It is important to understand the details of different tank warranties.

  • Q Tank’s 10 year warranty  should your tank fail within 10 years, then provided you’ve met the warranty conditions it’ll be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. It couldn’t be much simpler.
  • Longer warranties are often pro-rata – many don’t realise the warranty supplied with their tank is a pro-rata warranty. This means if you have your tank for 5 years before failure, then you will be covered normally via repair or replacement up to the value of the warranty length minus those five years. The option is normally said to be at the descretion of the manufactuer, so should you be told your tank needs replacing, then you are locked into going with that same manufacturer again and paying the difference for a new tank, plus possibly delivery and re-plumbing costs. You could of course forfeit your warranty.
  • Warranties are often non-transferable how long will you be staying at your property? If your warranty is for 25 years, then if you move in 5 years that is where your warranty will likely end.
  • Warranties often make purchaser responsible for costs arising from a claim including:
    • cost of removing and storing of contents.
    • transportation costs that apply to picking up your tank for repair, or a replacement tank.
    • disposal of the tank that needed replacing.
    • re-plumbing the tank back in.
  • Brand names change business owners – this makes long warranties next to worthless. Many well-known tank brands have been around decades, but the business entities behind the names have changed voiding any previous warranties. Understand your warranty is legally with the original business you bought from, meaning any new business owner can reject your warranty claim. Q Tank have been around for as long as their warranty on offer and aren’t about to disappear.

One reason we sell Q Tank is because we know just how focused they are upon standards, and testing each and every tank they make before delivering to consumers. It is doubtful you will need to claim on your warranty. We have utmost confidence and trust in Q Tank, such that if there was a manufacturing issue then we expect they would likely be contacting you first to replace your tank at no cost and hassle to yourself.

Again, the best way to reduce the complication of claiming on a warranty, is to buy a quality tank made to last the first time around. You might be able to save $100 on some other tank, but then if you’re up for additional hassle and cost a few years later claiming on your warranty was it worth it?