Tank Shop partner with trustworthy Australian manufacturers to supply high-quality tanks, pumps and rain harvesting products.

We believe in the tank brands we sell and consider the businesses behind such as trustworthy and committed to providing excellent customer service.

  • ClayTech Pumps is a recognised and leading national brand in the Australian market for domestic, industrial and agricultural pumps.
  • Q Tank are a leading Queensland manufacturer of poly tanks with an emphasis upon certified quality products and customer service.
  • Rain Harvesting through 20 years of innovation and quality design have become the Australian leader in the rain harvesting products.

Partnering with Tank Shop

We are open to working with businesses who have top quality products, honest values and excellent service. If you are interested in partnering with Tank Shop to sell more online, and you are a reputable business in tanks or related products, then we invite new opportunities to extend our range of products especially in areas we don’t currently service.