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Water Tank Packages

Tank Shop a range of water tank packages to make it easier for you to decide based upon your situation and how you intend to utilise your rainwater:

  • Gardening & Outdoor packages – water tanks in 3000L to 10000L sizes with a quality water pump suitable pumps water around your property to use in gardens and hosing outdoors, and actually also indoor use where a backup mains water supply isn’t required.
  • Toilet & Laundry packages – water tanks from 5000L to 10000L with a pump and rain-to-mains switching system that utilises a solid stainless steel value (the best there is!). These are great for toilets and laundry where a constant supply of water is required.
  • Rural Water Tank packages – suitable for rural properties with large sheds or which require larger amounts of rainwater to be harvested and pumped to various locations for stock.
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