What Water Tank Colour Should You Choose?

Choosing a Tank Colour

When purchasing a water tank for your home, one small yet often difficult decision to make can be what colour to choose. As professional decorators would know, you don’t need an exact colour match to make an object blend in. Mixing and matching colours can be done tastefully and can often be a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

An advantage to water tanks today is that there are often a huge range of colours to choose from. Some tank places offer around a dozen colours, some twenty or more often COLORBOND® colours. Narrowing down the one colour that will best suit your tank can therefore seem difficult, especially if you have an indecisive personality.

Choosing Tank Colour Based Upon Looks

When choosing a tank colour make choose a colour that matches their house, garden or fence. Your garden will likely change over time, and what if you tire of your house colour or need to replace your fence? For these reasons, rather than trying to get a precise tank colour match, often simply choosing a neutral or more natural colour will provide greater flexibility with future changes.

Should you find the tank colour you choose displeasing, then there are various techniques that can be done to hide, camouflage or make it better complement its surroundings. Whether you paint a mural, use a well-placed lattice, well-placed plants or gardens, consider changing your tanks surrounding environment a little in a way that will make your tank fit in better.

Practical Colour Considerations

While many select their tank colour to match the colour of their house, shed or fence, there are also practical considerations you might want to factor into choosing an appropriate tank colour.

Darker coloured tanks absorb more heat in the Sun, which can result in your rainwater becoming warm or hot rather than refreshing. This isn’t recommended if you want to use your water for drinking purposes since warm water isn’t as refreshing. Warmer water also provides a better environment for algae and bacteria.

If selecting a poly water tank, then lighter coloured poly mixes (such as light greens and beige colours) appear to last a bit longer than darker colours. This is based upon results we have seen of intense UV light tests on different pigmented poly mixes.
Tanks sold by Tank Shop are available in a range of different colours, depending upon which brand and tank model you choose. If you require further assistance, we would be happy to discuss colours and any other question your might have.

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