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Is Water Tank Sludge Unsafe or Harmful to Rainwater Quality?

Warning Rainwater - Is Tank Slude Harmful?

Recommended monitoring and maintenance procedures by the Australian Health Department include inspecting every 2-3 years for the presence of accumulated sediments. If the bottom of the tank is covered with sediment the tank should be cleaned. This sediment is normally comprised of organic matter which turns into a slimy biofilm layer at the bottom of your tank, hence […]

Making Your Roof Safe To Capture High-Quality Rainwater

Rainwater on Asbestos Rooftop-

If you will use rainwater harvesting into a tank for washing your car, hosing hard surfaces, watering your gardens, then the quality of the water collected isn’t too much of an issue. Most roof surfaces are acceptable for outdoor uses, but if you will be drinking your tank water then you will need to ensure […]

Is Drinking Rainwater From Your Water Tank Safe?

Baby Drinking Rainwater from Bottle

Rainwater is a very high-quality water source. It has been safely consumed for centuries in many locations around the world and often acts as a life-saving and invaluable source of consumable water. As such, rainwater safely harvested into a properly maintained rainwater tank provides a good quality source of drinking water. That said, health departments […]

Calculating How Much Rainwater Your Rooftop Can Capture

Raiinwater Pouring From Rooftop

An important factor in how much rainwater you can harvest is the size of your roof catchment area. This article is intended to help you know how much your rainwater your roofs can yield, which might influence your desired water tank size. Step 1. Calculating Surface Area of Your Roof This first step in working […]

Water Tank Fittings & Accessories, Pumps and Extras

When looking to purchase a rainwater tank, it is important to not just compare tank brands, models and sizes, but also understand what tank accessories and fittings are included. This article has been written to help you understand what water tank accessories and fittings are necessary. Hopefully this will save you from buying a tank […]

Discover How Much Rain Falls On Your Property

How Much Rain Falls on Your Property

When purchasing rainwater tank, it is helpful to know how much rain falls in your area since such can influence the size of water tank you purchase. That said, if you have a reasonable roof harvesting area, and live in a coastal area of Australia, then you shouldn’t have too much problem filling up even a […]

Should You Choose an External or Submersible Water Tank Pump?

If you are plumbing rainwater into your home, then you will need a water pressure pump to ensure your tank water gets to where it is needed. Many go for an external water pump, however submersible pumps which are installed inside your tank are becoming more popular. This article explores the benefits each provide and reasons […]

Installing Your Rainwater Tank To Automatically Clean Out Sludge

To ensure rainwater collected in your tank remains clean and fresh, it is important to properly maintain your tank. Rainwater tank maintenance recommended by the Australian Health Department involves inspecting inside your tank and cleaning out any sediment and organic matters that has accumulated at the base of your tank. What is Tank Sludge? Even with strainers, […]

Poly vs Steel vs Fibreglass vs Concrete Water Tanks

Poly vs Steel vs Fibreglass vs Concrete Tanks

Rainwater tanks can be made and delivered in a range of material substances including polyethylene plastic (poly), a range of steels, precast concrete and fibreglass reinforced plastic. When comparing tank materials, it isn’t necessarily a case of which is best, but rather which is more suitable to your situation and budget. Read on to receive […]

Tips For Hiding Your Rainwater Tank and Pump

Hiding Rainwater Tank & Water Pump

Ninjas are known for their stealth, which is the art of being invisible to others and remaining hidden. People detect the presence of another with their eyes and ears, so the ninja must learn to fool the enemy’s sense of sight and hearing. When we apply these principles to a rainwater harvesting system, then there […]