Clean Rain Ultra Rain Head/First Flush Downpipe Diverter

Rain Harvesting's Clean Rain Ultra (DDCR01) is an all-in-one rain head, first flush diverter and stormwater overflow.

Price $89.00 GST incl.

  • A unique sleek cover and cap provides a stylish, integrated look
  • Patented Clean Shield™ technology deflects leaves and debris away from water flow and maximising rainwater collection
  • First Flush Diverter technology (Smart Sense®) diverts the first flush of dirty rainwater down pipe to stormwater – no additional chamber required!
  • Leaf Slide technology (Hydro Activated Filtration™) and a precisely angled vibrating screen to deflect debris off the screen.
  • The Clean Rain® Body swivels for convenient rainwater outlet positioning
  • Rainwater outlet fits standard garden, 22mm grey water and 38mm pool hoses, and 90mm pipe which can be run to your tank
  • Multi-fit cap and downpipe adaptors – 90mm and 100mm, 100 x 75mm and 100mm x 50mm
  • Easily accessible on/off switch, with a safety overflow to stormwater drain
Need More Information? Download the manufacturer Clean Rain Ultra Install and Specification Guide (PDF 398 KB).