Clean Rain Advanced Rain Head/First Flush Downpipe Diverter

Rain Harvesting's Clean Rain Advanced™ is an all-in-one rain head, first flush diverter and stormwater overflow.

Price $84.00 GST incl.

  • Patented Clean Shield™ technology deflects leaves and debris away from water flow and maximising rainwater collection
  • First Flush Diverter technology (Smart Sense®) diverts the first flush of dirty rainwater down pipe to stormwater – no additional chamber required!
  • The Clean Rain® Body swivels for convenient rainwater outlet positioning
  • Rainwater outlet fits standard garden, 22mm grey water and 38mm pool hoses, and 90mm pipe which can be run to your tank
  • Multi-fit cap and downpipe adaptors – 90mm and 100mm, 100 x 75mm and 100mm x 50mm
  • Easily accessible on/off switch, with a safety overflow to stormwater drain
Please Note: After "first flush" is diverted, the majority of rainwater then flows out of the side outlet/s. Should you require greater harvesting efficiency we recommend standalone first flush diverters and rain heads.
Need More Information? Download the manufacturer Clean Rain Advanced Install and Specification Guide (PDF 289 KB).

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