ClayTech C-Series Pumps

The ClayTech C-Series is a water pressure pump with a range of great features including a freidly LED display to view pressure and operation modes, a revolutionary water cooled moter for quieter operation, an integrated pre-filter, auto controller with loss of prime protection and built in non-return valve for easier serving.

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Retails $540.00Price $515.00 GST incl.
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Retails $590.00Price $560.00 GST incl.
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Retails $1,095.00Price $895.00 GST incl.
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ClayTech C-Series Features

ClayTech C Series are premium water pumps with design features not found in many other pumps

  • a friendly LED display to view the pressure and operation mode of the pump.
  • a revolutionary water cooled motor resulting in quieter operation.
  • an integrated pre-filter making the pump easy to clean without tools.
  • a non-return valve built into the pump body allowing for easy service without removing pipework.
  • a unique swivel connector system that allows an auto on/off controller to easily attach to the top of the pump.
  • a motor requiring no air flow for cooling allowing the pump to be confined in a small spaces or fully covered without issue.