400mm Side Mesh Easy Fit Tank Screen Solar Shield Kit with Screw Down Ring TSEF39 (Rain Harvesting)

Introducing the 400mm Side Mesh Easy Fit Tank Screen Solar Shield Kit with Screw Down Ring - Suitable for any tank type, this tank screen system requires no tools for maintenance. It means you can easily remove and clean your tank screen to keep it clean and functioning smoothly. The Tank Screen incorporates mesh on the side walls, which allows huge volumes of water to flow through, even as debris loads increase. The kit includes a Tank Screen Cover, which shields your tank from sunlight, reducing algae growth.

Price $65.50 GST incl.

  • Easy Fit Screw Down Inlet Ring allows for quick, tool-less maintenance and cleaning of the tank screen.
  • Keep mosquitoes and pests out of your rainwater system.
  • Stainless steel mesh screen filters out leaves and debris.
  • Mesh on the side walls allows water to flow sideways into the tank, which means even if the tank screen hasn’t been maintained recently, water still has a path through to the tank, so you catch every drop.
  • Blocking out sunlight reduces the chance for algae to grow inside a tank.
FREE DELIVERY over $349 (applies to Rain Harvesting Accessories and Gutter Mesh)
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