2mm Steel Tile Gutter Mesh (Blue Mountain)

Blue Mountain Co's 2mm Steel "Tile" (450mm wide) Gutter Mesh is the finest aperture available and will provide maximum protection against pests, foliage and leaves including large, medium, small and needles. It is "ember guard compliant" (AS3959–2009) and will keep bushfire embers out of your gutters. If you live in a bushfire-prone area, don't risk using anything else.

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Price per linear metre. Free delivery Australia-wide over $349!

  • *Mesh Rolls Required

    Select from 10m, 15m and 30m rolls and then enter quantity required.

  • *Mesh Colour

    Blue Mountain steel mesh is available in a range of COLORBOND colours.

    Trim Colour (if included)

    Gutter trims (optional on 4mm & 5.4mm) can be had in a different colour.

    *Mesh Colour Match Notes:

    • Zinc (Zinc componentry with Shale Grey™ mesh)
    • Shale Grey is the recommended match for Zincalume.
    BEWARE: Gutter Trims should not be used on galvanised steel gutters as they allow moisture to build up (which isn't good for galvanised steel).
  • *Safety Clips or Z Clips?

    Safety Clips are the standard inclusion attaching gutter mesh to roof tiles, however can be replaced with Z Clips. Unsure? Watch this video (55 secs in)

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FREE DELIVERY over $349 (applies to Rain Harvesting Accessories and Gutter Mesh)
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