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AcquaSaver Rain-to-Mains Device

The AcquaSaver is a fully automatic hydraulical rainwater to mains changeover device designed to operate with any pump. The AcquaSaver will use tank water whenever available and automatically switch to mains when your tank is empty or in the event of power failure. Dual 1″ outlets give the consumer flexibility to use one or both outlets, making the AcquaSaver unique and ideal for domestic and commercial applications.

Retail $569.00Our Price $499.00

Max Mains Pressure 1050 KPa
Max Pump Pressure 1050 KPa
Min Pump Pressure 300 KPa
Max Flow Rate 200 litres per minute
Max Water Temperature 50 C
Pump Inlet 25 mm (1") BSP F
Mains Water in 25 mm (1") BSP F
Outlet Size 25 mm (1") BSP F
Weight 1.7 kg
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