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5000L “Mid” Tank & Pump “Plumbed-In” Package

5,000 litre (1,100 GAL) “Mid” Round "Plumbed-In" tank and pump package comes with rainwater-to-mains automatic switching that doesn't require power. Use your tank water in toilet flushing, clothes washing and at taps without worry of it running out.


  • Tank is independently certified to Australian Standards (AU/NZS 4766).
  • Supplied with a written 'Quality Test Report' guaranteeing AS/NZS 4766 compliance.
  • Made from food-grade polyethylene that is 100% safe for drinking water (AS4020 and AS2070).
  • Constructed as one-piece with self-supporting lid (no centre pole!).
  • Delivered as one solid piece (top isn't cut ensuring maximum structural integrity).
  • High-quality ClayTech pump with auto-controller and LED display.
  • Hydraulics operated rainwater-to-mains auto switch to ensure you always have water.

Retails $1,864.00Buy $1,699.00

Tank Brand Q Tank
Capacity 5,000 L (1,100 GAL)
Height 1,800 mm
Diameter 2,000 mm
Weight 112.5 kg
Warranty 10 Years (repair or replace at no cost)
AS/NZ 4766 Certified? Yes, view Q Tank certificate
Pump Included ClayTech C Series C3
Rain-to-Mains Yes, AcquaSaver auto-switching
Accessories Incl. WaterMarked Ball Valve, Highflow Overflow & Screen, Lockable Tap Fitting, Inlet Strainer, 2 x Brass Outlets, Thread Tape, Tank Water Sign