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5000L “Mid” Tank & Pump “Outdoor Rainwater Use” Package

5,000 litre (660 GAL) “Mid” Round "Outdoor Rainwater Use" tank and pump package is suitable for domestic outdoor watering needs. Have water pumps to multiple tap locations allowing you to connect a hose to water your garden, top up your pool or wash your car.


  • Tank is independently certified to Australian Standards (AU/NZS 4766).
  • Supplied with a written 'Quality Test Report' guaranteeing AS/NZS 4766 compliance.
  • Made from food-grade polyethylene that is 100% safe for drinking water (AS4020 and AS2070).
  • Constructed as one-piece with self-supporting lid (no centre pole!).
  • Delivered as one solid piece (top isn't cut ensuring maximum structural integrity).
  • High-quality ClayTech pump with auto-controller and LED display.

Retails $1,295.00Buy $1,200.00

Tank Brand Q Tank
Capacity 5,000 L (1,100 GAL)
Height 1,800 mm
Diameter 2,000 mm
Weight 112.5 kg
Warranty 10 Years (repair or replace at no cost)
AS/NZ 4766 Certified? Yes, view Q Tank certificate
Pump Included ClayTech C Series C3
Accessories Incl. WaterMarked Ball Valve, Highflow Overflow & Screen, Lockable Tap Fitting, Inlet Strainer, 2 x Brass Outlets, Thread Tape, Tank Water Sign