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Slimline Steel Water Tanks

Tank Shop’s Slimline Steel Tanks with their rounded ends provide you with sleek aesthetic look while fitting into narrow spaces. Made from BlueScope’s AQUAPLATE® steel, a modern steel purposefully fabricated to hold drinking water, our slimline tanks can store rainwater from 500L (110 GAL) up to 8000L (1,760 GAL).

  • Up to 23 Modern COLORBOND® Colours to choose from
  • Made from BlueScope's AQUAPLATE® Steel, designed for water storage

  • Inner Stainless Steel Support Frame, prevents bowing and bulging
  • Lined Food-Grade Polymer (AS2070) and Safe for Drinking (AS4020)
  • Industry-Leading Warranty - 20 Years Corrosion, 10 Year Construction

Slimline Steel Tanks

500L Slimline Steel Water Tank

Our Price $900.00

Slimline Steel Tanks

1000L Slimline Steel Water Tank

Our Price $1,100.00

Slimline Steel Tanks

1500L Slimline Steel Water Tank

Our Price $1,300.00

Slimline Steel Tanks

2000L Slimline Steel Water Tank

Our Price $1,475.00
Our Price $1,525.00

Slimline Steel Tanks

3000L Slimline Steel Water Tank

Our Price $1,675.00
Our Price $1,675.00
Our Price $1,700.00
Our Price $1,750.00

Slimline Steel Tanks

4000L Slimline Steel Water Tank

Our Price $1,900.00
Our Price $2,000.00

Slimline Steel Tanks

5000L Slimline Steel Water Tank

Our Price $1,975.00

What is AQUAPLATE® Steel?

AQUAPLATE is a BlueScope steel specifically designed for use in rainwater tanks and storing drinking water. An inner poly layer is fabricated to a galvanised steel substrate, while the outer layer consists of a COLORBOND® or laminate coating.