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Clean Rain Ultra Downpipe Diverter (Rain Harvesting)

Ultimate All-in-One Rainwater Filtration & Collection System

Clean Rain Ultra is an all-in-one rain head, first flush diverter and stormwater overflow in a highly compact and functional product.

The advanced filtration technology (Hydro Activated Filtration™) allows the Clean Rain® to shed leaves while the ‘Smart Sense’ first flush diversion system automatically activates when water is detected and diverts the first flush of rainwater which contains contaminants from the roof to stormwater. Clean Rain® allows the user to connect multiple outlet hoses to direct water to a pool, garden or storage tanks. The Clean Rain® body also rotates 180° allowing it to easily adapt to different installation environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Break through Rain Head and First Flush Diverter technology in one easy to install product offering
  • Cutting edge Rain Head technology uses the Leaf Slide and a precisely angled vibrating screen to deflect debris off the screen. (Hydro Activated Filtration™ technology)
  • Compact inline First Flush Diverter diverts the first flush of rainwater containing contaminants from the roof to stormwater – no additional chamber required (Smart Sense® technology)
  • Minimal maintenance
  • A unique sleek cover and cap provides a stylish, integrated look
  • The Clean Rain® Body swivels for convenient outlet positioning
  • Fits standard garden, 22mm grey water and 38mm pool hoses, and 90mm pipe
  • Multi-fit cap and downpipe adaptors – 90mm and 100mm, 100 x 75mm and 100mm x 50mm
  • Easily accessible on/off switch, with a safety overflow to stormwater drain

Retail $89.95Our Price $80.00

Accessory Brand Rain Harvesting
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