You will have at least a couple of weeks to prepare from the time you order your tank. There are several things you ought to do in preparation for the delivery of your water tank:

  • Prepare the site of your tank/s according to manufacturer's tank installation instructions.
  • Arrange to have at least two persons present to help move the tank into position. (if no one can help, driver will likely be unable to site tank but leave it in a suitable position)
  • Organise time off to be present onsite to sign-off on delivery.
  • Clear pathway to your tank site so it is possible to site it on day.
  • Discuss with manufacturer in advance if delivering your tank could be difficult. Trucks with trailers are 19 metres long so need adequate space get turn around and get onto your property. Low hanging tree branches and powerlines (under 4.5 metres) could pose issues. Adequate planning is key.
On Time Delivery: Manufacturers do their best to deliver on time and provide reasonable notice. Please understand unforeseeable events can arise. For example, possibly the customer before you needed a bit more help than normal, or maybe there was a road accident. For this reason we do not recommend booking a plumber to install your tank until after it is delivered.