Tank Shop depends upon Q Tank who deliver tanks directly through their own network of trucks and selected couriers. We do our best to keep the delivery information on this page current to Q Tank, however it may change without notice.

Tank Delivery Zone

Tanks are delivered free to South-East Queensland and the northern tip of NSW.

Please note the following:

  • Manufacture to delivery is approximately two weeks during non-peak periods.
  • Delivery time will be arranged with you by manufacturer after your order is paid.
  • On delivery day you will need a minimum of two fully able adults to help. If no one is available to help, driver will leave your tank in a suitable position of their discretion.
  • If your tank needs to be carried over another person's property, permission must be obtained from the property owner before delivery.
  • Please ensure a clear path to your tank pad if you desire it to be sited.
  • Delivery does not include installation or plumbing in. We recommend arranging your tank to be installed by a licensed plumber at least a day after the scheduled delivery.