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Why Buy From Tank Shop?

There are several benefits Tank Shop provide to you.

Low Prices & Better Value

Tank Shop obtains prices significantly lower than the retail prices through:

  • developing relationships with tank brands who we believe in to deliver high-quality products and excellent service and wish to sell more product.
  • being an online store without a shopfront allows us to provide better deals than physical stores with more overheads.
  • continually seeking to partner with busineseses which enable us to provide better value products and packages to customers.

We channel these cost savings straight through to our customers and pride our prices being lower than even than buying directly from the manufacturer.

If you find a better price or offer on a particular tank or package deal, please let us know! 

FREE Tank Delivery

Once your tank is made to specification, we have agreements with manufacturers who utilise their own delivery networks and couriers to deliver tanks directly to you.

Tank Shop currently have arrangements in place with Q Tank where delivery is available throughout South-East Queensland and the tip of Northern NSW. Delivery to these service areas are provided FREE via Tank Shop (normally $66 via Q Tank). Tank Shop are currently looking to expand into other locations through partnering with other high-quality tank brands.

To check if your area is eligible for free delivery, please visit our Water Tank Delivery page.

Safety – All Tank Brands Sold Are Vetted

The water tank industry is littered with many brand names all making the same claims. This can make it hard to distinguish the true blue ridgy-didge brands from those pretending.

Muddying the waters further are some tank manufacturers who trademark sophisticated-sounding marketing terms. We won’t name names, or use the actual terms, but who wouldn’t want an “Ultra-UV” or “Next Generation Design” tank. Add a trademark symbol (™) and I want one myself. In reality, polyethylene is generally sourced from the same place, and “technologically advanced” features touted are normally recommendations found in the Australian standard AS/NZS 4766.

At the other end of the scale, some suppliers might tell you that a poly tank is just a poly tank, go for the cheapest one with a long 20 year warranty. Sadly, we see many long warranties that seem to cloud an inferior product. Consider during the millenium dought in Australia, many cowboys entered the then water tank boom offering long warranties. A few years later they disappeared along with their long warranties. Since then, we’ve seen many warranty claims denied “at the descreation of the manufacturer” for seemingly unfair reasons (read more about warranties).

Those behind Tank Shop (one of which is writing this page) have worked alongside many well-known manufacturing brands in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia for a reasonably long time. During this period we gained a rather intimate knowledge and understanding of the water tank industry, certain techniques some use to try distinguish themselves, and what to really look for in a high-quality tank and manufacturer. We sift through the names you can trust so you don’t have to.

If you belong to a tank manufacturer wishing to partner with Tank Shop, we are always looking to increase our tank range in areas we don’t yet do so with high-quality products – please contact us to discuss and be vetted.