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Tank Shop’s Order-to-Delivery Process

Note: If you ever get stuck or just prefer talking to someone give us a call on 1300 920 547 or (07) 3073 5291.

Placing Your Order Online

If you have ever placed an via an online store, then you should find the process fairly straight-forward:

  1. Browse through our rainwater tanks, choose your desired colour, and click “Add to cart”.
  2. Your “Shopping Cart” is the page you get taken to when adding an item. There you can see and remove your items and update quantities. When you ready to complete your order proceed to checkout (you will need a tank in your cart to checkout).
  3. On the Checkout page you will need to providing contact details, delivery address and any special instructions. We provide two payment methods to choose from:
    1. Direct Bank Transfer: pay via direct transfer into our bank account.
      (Account: Tank Shop, BSB: 814282, Account#: 31050435, Reference: order#)
    2. Credit Card Authorisation: we accept most cards including Visa, Mastercard and even American Express. Payments are authorised only and processed after Tank Shop manually review and verify your order. Payments by credit card have no surcharge.
  4. Order Details are emailed providing you with confirmation of your order. You can also now log into your Tank Shop account to view your order/s or update details.
Outside the delivery zone? If you want a tank delivered to a location outside the delivery zone, some manufacturers may still deliver for large orders and/or an added fee. If outside the delivery zone, please contact us first before placing your order. We will talk with the manufacturer to confirm whether delivery is possible and any added costs.

What Happens After Ordering?

There are three stages your order goes through after it has been placed online:

  1. Review & Verification– we review and verify your order is good, tank delivery zone, etc. Payment is only due once verified.
  2. Confirmation – we call to confirm exact order details (for example, positioning of overflow and outlets).
  3. Approval  once order is confirmed and full payment received, we submit your order to manufacturer. They will directly call you to confirm and book in a suitable delivery date.

Preparing for Tank Delivery

While your tank is being made, which can take a couple weeks, you should prepare for your tank’s delivery:

  • Prepare the site of your tank/s according to manufacturer’s tank installation instructions.
  • Arrange to have at least two persons present to help move the tank into position. (if no one can help, driver will likely be unable to site tank but leave it in a suitable position)
  • Book time off work to be present onsite to sign-off on delivery.
  • Clear pathway to your tank site so it is possible to site it on day.
  • Discuss with manufacturer in advance if delivering your tank could be difficult. Trucks with trailers are 19 metres long so need adequate space get turn around and get onto your property. Low hanging tree branches and powerlines (under 4.5 metres) could pose issues. Adequate planning is key.
On Time Delivery: Manufacturers we partner with do their best to deliver on time and provide adequate notice on the day of expected delivery time. Please understand there can be unforeseeable events. For example, perhaps the customer before you needed a bit more help than normal, or maybe there was a road accident or bad traffic). For this reason we do not recommend booking a plumber to install your tank on the same day as delivery.