Tank Shop has a policy of offering you the lowest price on tank packages, so you can be assured if you buy through us that you are receiving a great deal.

If you happen to find a lower price online, then we will endeavour to beat it. Steps we take to do this include reviewing the offer, checking against our own prices and even communicating directly with our partners to try source the best deal possible for you.

Guaranteed to receive our absolute lowest price…

Many businesses that offer a guarantee like this have conditions attached for obvious reasons. If unable to compete, they may give you the cold shoulder and reject it outright without even trying to do better.

We believe such to be disingenuous, so opt for a fairer route to do all we reasonably can. This includes talking to our partners, and if we still can’t compete, you are guaranteed our absolute lowest price before we would start losing money. As we value transparency, we will even include evidence of our own purchase price for your order.

To receive our Lowest Price Guarantee, the tank package in question must:

  • be verifiable by Tank Shop as current and valid.
  • be identical to the tank package and brands listed on our website.
  • be for a tank that is made to order (not of existing stock being sold).
  • represent the final price inclusive of all fees and delivery costs.

If you don’t fulfil all the above conditions, still let us know about the deal you were offered. We’d like to give you a competing offer before you lock in your purchase.