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Minimum Tank Size Normally Required for New Homes

5000L “Stubby” Slimline Poly Tank (Q Tank)

Q Tank’s 5,000 Litre (1,100 GAL) “Stubby” Slimline Tank is the best priced slimline in this capacity. This model is ideal for installing in new homes which often require 5000L as a minimum.

  • Manufactured locally out of Q Tank’s state-of-the-art rotary moulding facility in Brisbane.
  • ALL tanks are independently certified to Australian Standards (AU/NZS 4766).
  • Your tank is supplied with a written ‘Quality Test Report’ guaranteeing AS/NZS 4766 compliance.
  • Tank is made from food-grade polyethylene that is 100% safe for drinking water (certified to AS4020 and AS2070).

Retails $1,595.00Sell $1,500.00 (inc. GST)

Tank Brand Q Tank
Capacity 5,000 L (1,100 GAL)
Height 1,980 mm
Length 2680 mm
Width 1315 mm
Weight 175 kg
Warranty 10 Years (repair or replace at no cost)
AS/NZ 4766 Certified? Yes, view Q Tank certificate
Accessories Incl. WaterMarked Ball Valve, Highflow Overflow & Screen, Lockable Tap Fitting, Inlet Strainer, 2 x Brass Outlets, Thread Tape, Tank Water Sign
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Benefits You Receive with Tank Shop

Family Owned and Operated Business with Values to Match

Tank Shop is a family-owned and operated business with values to match, and we want to stay that way! We do not aspire to grow into some large company full of sales people pressured to make a sale any way possible. Rather we value being upfront, informative, honest and be respectful in all our dealings. Such values are more important to Tank Shop’s owners than unethical practices to make a quick sale.

Lower Prices on High Quality Tanks

We work hard to obtain the best prices for you on tank brands we vet, consider to be of a high quality and trust. We build professional relationships with manufacturers as a sales agent or reseller which allows us to source lower prices. Being an online store without a shopfront also means we have fewer overheads. These savings are channelled straight through to our customers with lower tank prices.

Greater Security and Peace-of-Mind

You are provided with greater security and peace-of-mind than if you purchased direct from the manufacturer. Tank Shop’s volume in sales allows us to provide extra clout should anything go wrong with your purchase. While the manufacturers of tanks we sell provide great service (we wouldn’t sell them otherwise), having Tank Shop onboard means if something doesn’t turn out right they will obviously be more responsive and want to resolve issues quicker.

Australian Standards Certification (AS/NZS 4766)

The tank model on sale above has been independantly certified by SAI Global for compliance to AS/NZS 4766 (view cerficiate).

Certification to the Australian standard AS/NZS 4766 provides you with assurance that the tank you are buying should be safe, reliable and will last many years to come. Australian standards are not legally enforced, but recommendations put together by Standards Australia. Compliance with Australian standards are voluntary unless the product is regulated by Government and specified in law.

Many manufacturers claim to comply with the Australian standard, however unless independently certified by an approved body such claims may be false or misleading. Before ordering your water tank it is important to request the manufacturer’s certificate of compliance. It should contain:

  • name of the certifying organisation
  • all certified tank model/s specifically named
  • the business name and location of their facility certified
  • date of issue and when the certification expires.

Buyer Beware:

  • Some manufacturers skimp on cost and only have one or two tank models certified – ensure your particular tank model is certified.
  • Some manufacturers claim certification based upon one operating location – ensure the facility making your tank is certified.
  • Some manufacturers claim certification when it is no longer current – ensure the expiration date on their certificate hasn’t expired.

Verifying a certificate of compliance to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4766 can mean the difference between a trouble-free and long-lasting tank, or it failing and starting to leak water in a couple of years.

Why the Q Tank Brand of Tanks?

Sometimes we’re asked, “Why do Tank Shop sell the Q Tank brand?” In terms of product, no other manufacturer we know goes to such lengths with quality control and complying to Australian standards for each and every tank. In terms of service, we have found them trustworthy, reliable and committed to customer satisfaction.


  • Manufactured locally in Brisbane out of Q Tank's state-of-the-art rotary moulding facility.
  • Made from food-grade poly certified to AS4020 and AS2070 – 100% safe for drinking!
  • Made from UV-stablised polyethylene – longer life in Australia's sunny weather!
  • Constructed as one-piece with self-supporting lid – no centre pole wrecking your tank.
  • Delivered as one solid piece – tank top isn't cut ensuring maximum structural integrity.
  • ALL tanks are independently certified to Australian Standards (AU/NZ 4766).
Australian Standards (AS/NZ 4766) Certified

Every Tank is Quality Tested & Results Provided

Australian standards only requires 1 in every 10 tanks produced to pass strict tests. Q Tank test EVERY tank and you will receive a full written “Quality Test Report” when it is delivered.

  • SAI Global's ‘Five Ticks’ of Product Certification (one of the most stringent to pass).
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Test in 20 locations ensuring roof, wall and base is 4.5mm+ thick!
  • Impact Testing on cut outs to ensure polymer chains have correctly bonded and very strong!
  • Visual Inspection by experienced staff to ensure tank exterior and interior is made correctly.
  • Full written 'Quality Test Report' provided with all the test results – guarantees your tank is made to Australian standards!
Your very own tank will be fully tested before leaving facility ensuring you receive a top-quality product. It won’t just have a 1 in 10 chance of being fully tested for standards compliance – you will receive an actual copy of the test results!

10 Year "Water Tight" Warranty

Should your water tank fail within 10 years after its date of purchase, then provided it has been used as intended and installed according to its instructions, then Q Tank promise to repair or replace your tank at no cost to you. No hidden catches

Buyer Beware: Warranties can provide peace-of-mind that you will be covered should your tank fail. Tank manufacturers know people often base their decision upon a warranty period, and some may bank upon such to cloud an inferior product. Some things you should consider when factoring in tank warranties:

  • Pro-rata warranties basically mean you pay for the time your tank has been used until it failed. They aren’t necessarily bad, so long as you know upfront that you are getting one. Pro-rata warranties tend to be offered for longer periods, and you are normally covered for repair or replacement at the manufacturer’s discretion. Should you be informed a new tank is required, then you will be required to pay for a new tank minus the remaining value of your old tank. This in effect locks you into spending more with that manufacturer unless you forfeit your warranty.
  • Warranties that make purchaser responsible for costs arising from a claim. This might include coming out to inspect, emptying your tank, removal and disposal, transportation and re-plumbing. Some might even stipulate you are responsible for returning your tank. Basically, these clauses are an attempt make it feel too costly and a hassle to claim on your warranty.
  • Tank manufacturing companies who change owners every few years, or haven’t had owners as long as their offered warranty. New owners often void your warranty, and some might do this to avoid honouring warranties.
  • Fly-by tank brands who start up to manufacture tanks when the industry is booming, but then vanish leaving noone to honour your warranty once your tank fails. This was more common some years ago when rebates were on offer and dam water levels were low. Nonetheless, it could still happen so it is good to a manufacturing brand who has been in the industry for 10 years or so.

Thankfully, the manufacturer behind the tank on sale here (Q Tank) offer a full repair or replacement warranty. Should your tank leak within 10 years, then they will come out and either repair or replace it at no cost to you. Finally, the business has been with the same owner longer than the warranty period, so you know this is a legitimate and fair warranty that can be trusted!

Customers Happy with Tank Brand

I had a tank delivered this morning and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am.
Your delivery driver was very friendly, courteous and helpful. I have purchased three tanks in total for my property but this is the first tank I have purchased from QTank and I wish I had bought all three from you....
Your delivery driver was more than happy to help me position the tank and give advice for the installation.


I cannot recommend the service from this company highly enough. The whole team are wonderful to deal with and I could not possibly be more impressed. I have no hesitation in recommending QTank for anyone requiring a water tank.

Jeaniene Wakefield
Canungra, Qld

I just want to say what a professional company Q Tank is.... from the initial contact to the driver dropping the tank off it has been a pleasure to deal with you guys. The driver was fantastic... he rang me half an hour away and unloaded the tank and put it in place with great a busineses owner myself I know customer service is the best way to the next sale.... you guys were great... Thanks heaps!


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